Territory Psychology provides services for adults, and adolescents, both within an individual counselling setting and within group training settings.

Please contact Territory Psychology (details on the contact page) for further details on services and fees.


Private Professional Services

Our psychologists offer specialist counselling for wide range of emotional issues, to clients of all ages. We provide individual counselling for adults and adolescents and children; in addition to couples counselling and family therapy sessions. Our psychologists practice a variety of evidence based therapeutic approaches, to ensure that the individual and personal requirements of our clients are met.


Employee Assistance Programs

With our Employee Assistance Program (EAP), employment agencies are able to offer a free and completely confidential counselling service to employees, as workplace benefit, to support them during emotionally difficult times.


Rural and Remote Services

Territory Psychologist services all areas of the Northern Territory for counselling and critical incident response. Providing a unique critical service for those in remote areas.